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only other option is buy some land and high fence it and make your own hot spot like all the tv shows but that will get into your pocket for sure lol.
but congrats on keeping your ethics and staying in the laws, i would say with that kind of deer population its hard for a lot of people not to bend the laws on harvesting deer.
i dont know your location in NH but how is the hunting over in Maine? if it was me I would look at a map and see whats in a 3 to 5 hour drive, and see if a budy or two would go in on a lease with you and start a deer camp every year. the property beside where i gun hunt has been leased to some guys from florida, they've leased it for 6 years straight now and their is 4 of them they come up for the gun season only, camp for two weeks load up n go home.
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