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Originally Posted by VolHunter View Post
Scribe, where did you get your degree? I too have (hopefully as of next friday) my degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Management.


I agree with most of what you are saying but I do have a question or arguement. If sheer numbers was a problem, wouldn't long seasons/higher bag limits be a better idea? I know when I have hunted Illinois (out of state hunter, and been a few years ago...Clay County I believe), I could only kill one deer of either sex and the seasons were extremely short. Also, I don't think making harvest goals more readily obtainable is that good of an option because many hunters now-a-days are beginning to wait for bigger and bigger buck. If this is the case it may lead to just longer instances of baiting. Just kinda my initial thoughts...
The state says there are high populations to vindicate their sniper programs. and our season is rather long running from Oct 1st through mid January. so some of what you have indicated is in place. more specifically, where I hunt the trail systems change constantly and we are not allowed to create food plots. so its kinda hit and miss. and now, starting next year, we will not be allowed to use and food scented products. in my opinion, if the state would relax some of the restrictions that they have in place right now, we might not need to be paying the state police and DNR officers overtime to do what hunters would do for the the deer alone.

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