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Originally Posted by tator View Post
Here's an idea... all immigrants who want to come here illegal, have to serve a 4 year stint in the US Military and learn the core values this country has. Having been in the ARMY myself, they do A LOT of building up this country to the new soldiers. Maybe this would instill some LOVE for the privilidge of being in our FREE country?

NO, they have to go home and do it the right way. like those who immigrated in the 1900s.
If it were up to me we wouldn't have this problem. you dont see too many N. Koreans immigrating to S. Korea just as you didnt see too many E. Germans going into W. Germany.
It can be done!!!
They need to repeal the all the amnesty's they just handed out to the illegals that were already here. we dont reward people with citizenship for ignoring our laws and stealing from our economy. we have laws regarding being in this country legally and if the feds are not going to enforce the laws then maybe its better that the states are taking matters into their own hands.

speaking of amnesty. this is what I think the amnesty programs were all about. securing votes for the political party that sponsored the program. think about it and the repercussions of 10,000,000 new voters that are their because of your party.

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