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Corn is not a high protein food source. Go to Whitetail and do some reading, they will start you out on the right food plot management system. Bucks needs lots of high quality protein during the prime antler growing season. Fawns will benefit from does being feed quality protein and carbs throughout the season. Growing several different crops such as clovers, peas, chickory, for early food, then having wheat, brassicas, oats corn for late fall/winter should be in your plans. The Whitetail Institute has many varieties of plants to help you in your food plot plans. I would expect you to think 3-5 years down the road for seeing the kinds of bucks you are looking for. By the way, those bucks you have shot, to me they are all trophies and the weights maybe a bit on the heavy side for your area? I have two hunting Buddies from NC and they claim the deer are pretty small, 85-100 lbs so I think you have some nice deer for your area!
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