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Originally Posted by thomasmgp View Post
Had 25-30 come out behind my stand the other night. Had one massive gobbler come out last night. Beard was easily 18 inches and the damn thing had the body of an ostrich.

First off... I want to see that pic of a gobbler with an 18inch beard! I'm guessing this is an extreme exaggeration?

Secondly, deer love beans big time in the summer and early fall months. They love corn in late fall and all winter. Now, granted, they'll eat either one year round, I'm just going by Missouri deer and what they prefer. Also, they love wheat, they love chickory, they love clover. Just about anything like that they'll eat. Oats is another thing. I'm sure you'll find guys on here that prefer one over all the rest for each of these. Personally, I don't have the time/money/resources to plant food plots so I have to rely on farmers who lease our land to plant the beans and corn each year. I typically hunt over these crops until they are harvested, then I back off and watch from a distance more. This year, they went ahead and did early tilling so pretty much all the corn that was spilt on the ground from combining is GONE.

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