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I wish the deer we have were as big as the turkeys. Had 25-30 come out behind my stand the other night. Had one massive gobbler come out last night. Beard was easily 18 inches and the damn thing had the body of an ostrich.

But back to the topic. Money is a non issue. My dad's family were old tobacco farmers so theres more than enough of it to put into hunting. Problem is only recently have we started deer hunting so neither of us really know what to do. Just tell me what to do and it will get done.

We have access to anytype of farming equipment there is because we rotate so many different crops: corn,wheat,cotton,soybeans,peanuts. Also does what we plant for harvest have an impact on making deer larger? I assume soybeans and corn would be the best crops for that.

Also another odd thing is what my dad told me last week. He hunted every single day during highschool and when he was home from college. But it was all birds (quail, doves, ducks). I asked him why he never hunted deer and he said we never had any. Could that be a factor as to why they are so small?

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