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here's what

Hunters and shooters are not the only people who see this product. To say it's outside the mainstream and what many(?) people might deem PC, is an understatement IMHO. You can choose to show your individualism and scoff at anyone else's opinion on such a product. That's fine, just don't be surprised when non-hunters look at you cross-eyed when you call it cool. I did not say anti, I said non and "nons" are the largest segment of our population today. I believe it behooves us to at least give their opinions some consideration in how we act.

And, for the record, I said my original post was not written to offend anyone. I am allowed my opinion as all of you are as well. I made no personal attack on anyone, even though some of you have chosen to look at it as such. One last note; I've seen this same ammo discussed on at least one other reputable forum and, across the board, was felt to be in very poor taste.
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