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As already mentioned, not all places have huge trophy potential and lots of huge bucks walking about. Please take this next statement for what it's worth and it's not meant to be rude whatsoever. I personally think that the state of S.C. does not do it's hunters any good, when talking big deer, in the way it runs your seasons.

I've only hunted hogs in S.C., not deer, but from what I know your season is about the longest in the nation (starting in August?) and continuing non-stop until December or January(?). And this is your gun season! Throughout the entire season both bucks and does are available to harvest and there is no maximum on how many bucks total a hunter can take.(my understanding) Now that's some serious detriment to trophy potential there!

It's a fact that many deer shot as "does" end up being button bucks; zero potential there! Also, many hunters still, today, prefer to shoot only bucks. And when one hunter can legally shoot 15-20-30 bucks in a season....OUCH!!

I'm simply voicing an opinion here and by no means demeaning your state or it's hunting; simply explaining that I do not believe that the way they run your seasons helps at all in trophy deer potential. Best of luck through the remainder of the season and I do hope you find yourself a fine trophy animal!
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