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Originally Posted by VolHunter View Post
I'm sorry but a corn pile of no size can equal to learning the land, learning how the deer move, learning where the deer move, and knowing if you have rutting bucks in your area. I'm just tired of a lazy way of hunting (not saying all people who bait are) that says throw out some food and wait over it.

I agree with you... and no hard feelings- i knew what you meant!

I only feed corn to the deer after the season has ended. I too dislike the thought of using bait to allure deer in... now standing crops and/or mineral licks I believe are perfectly fine anytime, all the time. Now, I don't leave standing crops on my land, and I only have one mineral lick as well. But I don't hunt over it with baited breath (no pun intended).

I also agree with you about learning the land and how the deer move on it. That is the best way to go when hunting whitetails!

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