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Hang-on seat

Finding a good spot and then using a comfortable method of sitting is always a challenge for any serious deer hunter. Should I set up a ladder stand in the area? Should I cart a climbing stand with me to the area and hope for a "proper" tree? Should I just bring a cushion and set my butt on the ground, the old-fashioned way? I've set my butt down against a tree many a time and also killed many deer that way, but it ain't the most comfortable method and it's always a challenge to stay as long as I should when things get tough because I'm so darn uncomfortable.

I recently purchased a hang-on seat that was recommended to me by a good friend. He likes the concept and I've used similar seats in the past to ensure a comfortable stay at my chosen spot. I've owned two Summit Trophy Seats and was pleased with both of them. (apparently the people who stole them are too!)The new seat I purchased is called a Millennium hang-on seat. Although it doesn't appear as comfy as a Summit, I'd say overall it at least matches the Summit and my Buddy who owns both says he prefers the Millennium, without a doubt. It is quite a bit lighter than the Summit too.

I do prefer it's ultralight weight and materials that will not hold water (read that get wet) It sets up in about 60 seconds and I can sit for 4-5 hours easily in it. I was sitting in it yesterday when I took my buck. It turned out that I could not get a shot while seated, but was able to simply stand and get a good bead on the deer through the brush. The view being a foot or so higher than if you were on the ground is better too. As far as maybe not being so "hidden" as sitting on the ground, a mature doe passed within 15 yards or less, looked right at me and then walked away, unconcerned.

Just wanted to make note of a pretty decent product that could help you hunt new areas much more comfortably while costing only about $70.
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