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Originally Posted by thomasmgp View Post
Is it possible to get deer on your land to be that big regardless of where you live?

Big Deer can be produced anywhere in the country if you have enough money and land.

Do I need to plant food plots year round?
Yes but food plots are just one part of the process.

What else can I do to grow trophy deer other than the obvious, which is let anything under 8 points walk.

letting an 8 pointer walk doesn't mean bigger deer next year, the 8 you see this year could be next years 6 pointer,
In general they do get better depending on age,diet,food available but no guarantees they will get bigger.

Im just sick of killing 130-140 pound deer with small racks. But if I dont kill those then I wouldnt kill anything cause thats all there is.
If that's all there is then you are Definately a trophy hunter because if thats the best there is in your area then you have to remember your harvesting the Best the area has to offer. Good Job

Should I just shoot nothing but does and cow horns for the next few years?
I'm assuimg by cow horns you means spike horns, in your case any deer you harvest will be to your benefit.
Good Luck and post up some pics of your harvests, we'd love to see them...

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