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Originally Posted by WestTNHunter22 View Post
Hey guys, I'm 14, this is my first year hunting. I've been hunting this bean field since juvenile weekend (Oct 30). I've went about 8 times and sat for atleast 2-3 hours at a time in the morning and evening.
If you've only been 8 times, be patient. Sometimes you aren't going to see deer when you hunt, or even anything worth shooting. Many times, deer come when you least expect it. Also- try to stay longer than just 2-3 hours. I like to stay at least 4-5 hours in the morning and 3-4 hours in the evening.

Originally Posted by WestTNHunter22 View Post
The only deer I've seen is 2 small bucks (about the size of a dog). I haven't seen them since then. Which that was 3-4 weeks ago. I've heard this spot has some big deer but the people who hunt across the road have food plots and kill anything that walks. So basicly, they're "stealing" our deer.
WHOA buddy... just because someone else has the resources (MONEY) to plant food sources doesn't mean they are stealing your deer. I hunt on a property where my neighbors stay off their land MUCH more than my land. My father-in-law has cows, hayfields, crop fields, and he's constantly driving through the field or working on fence. Do I start criticizing my neighbors? No... I try to out smart them and find where the deer are coming off their property onto mine. Remember, deer cover ALOT of area. A 40 acre field is a "walk across the living room" for them.

Originally Posted by WestTNHunter22 View Post
There were so many deer at this field, that the top of the bean stalks were gone. So I'm disappointed that they're not using it. I wash my clothes then take them outside to let them air out.
They will be back. You have to understand when the crop is young they LOVE eating the bloom at the top and the young beans. Right around the time the rut hits, they stop eating beans/corn so much and focus on other nutrients and "other things". When it gets cold out, they will come back to that food plot. Guaranteed.

Originally Posted by WestTNHunter22 View Post
I use rattlers but no luck.
With being a young hunter... make sure you watch how much you rattle. Also, what are you rattling with? If it's rattling bag.. THROW it away. The only thing I'll rattle with is a real set of antlers. Also- make sure they aren't hollow sounding. Sometimes if you use sheds for rattling, they are hollowed out from insects or other animals that began eating on them. Also,,, when I rattle, I make sure there is NO wind and that I'm prepared for anything to come running in. Try to hide yourself the best you can as well. I like to rattle in the woods when I'm in a blind. Also- once you produce a rattling sound, make sure you grunt at the same time. Then once you have done this for about 30-seconds or LESS.... do NOT rattle again for at least 15 minutes.

Originally Posted by WestTNHunter22 View Post
A guy that hunts the same field I do said he saw a 6 point but he let it walk. I don't use anykind of feed or attractants. I'm thinking I should get a feeder and hang it from a tree and put corn in it. Also put a trail camera close to the feeder and see what comes up. Any tips would be appeciated!
Make sure you check with the laws in your state. Hunting over bait isn't legal in many states. Don't get frustrated,,, put the time in out in the field and you will be rewarded. Good luck man
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