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Recommendations to someone getting into reloading

Don't make the mistake of buying a entry level single stage press. The price difference is not great enough to not start with a quality single stage unit. Most people that buy the cheap starter one upgrade quickly to the top of the line single stage unit. Also I would try to steer a new reloader away from progressive presses. I have had one they are great if you shoot alot of pistol(500 rounds a week). Otherwise alot happens as you lower and raise the handle. Up to 4 operations happening at once. I managed to ruin a Coonan Arms 357 barrel when I forgot to put powder into a case using my progessive. Firing rapid fire competition I put a bullet in the barrel and fired another right behind it. Not pretty but totally avoidable. I also really enjoy loading my own rifle and pistol ammo. There are those that are handloaders, a handloader to me can tell you exactly how far the bullet is off the lands of the barrel and have tried a dozen different powders. A reloader loads a good safe load right from the manual keeping all loads sized to the recommended standards for the cartrige. I know that there are loads out there faster than the one I shoot, I don't care, mine works fine and has shown good accuracy in all rifles I have shot it in. If you are thinking about I you won't be sorry, just don't get into it to turn standard cartriges into magnums. If you need the speed of a magnum buy a magnum or shoot the hot Hornady Superformance ammo.

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