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You missunderstood, I wasn't gettin on you, I was getting on WestTN because he keeps alluding to the fact that he might/would bait. I'm sorry but a corn pile of no size can equal to learning the land, learning how the deer move, learning where the deer move, and knowing if you have rutting bucks in your area. I'm just tired of a lazy way of hunting (not saying all people who bait are) that says throw out some food and wait over it.

As for the bucks at a corn pile, there is no doubt that they come to the corn pile, but some of the BIG BUCKS are almost completely nocturnal. Just like in my food plots, you get most of your largest deer in the middle of the night and RARELY in the daylight. Also, I never said you wouldn't see bucks, I said it wouldn't increase your chances of seeing/taking a big buck. WestTN seems to think it is all about hunting over food when there are tons of other things to do. I then said that he needed to be doing everything else right or it didn't matter what he had for food/bait. This is especially true when he is saying that there is obviously a good deal of food on the other side of the road.

Here in TN you have to have the bait removed sometime around a week before season starts, but I had a bud that was busted because the wardens found 4 kernels of corn where a pre-season feeder had been. They called it baiting. My friend won in court but had to pay court fees and deal with having the wardens kinda harrassing him the rest of the year in hopes of finding something they could write a ticket for.

WestTN what county are you hunting in?
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