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Nosler Ballistic tips in .308

I am sorry to read that some of you are having bad performance out of the Hornady lever-lution bullets. I was wondering if I should be switching over to Hornady's SSTs and away from my standard load of Nosler BTs. Cabellas had 165gr .308 BTs onsale for 15.10 per box so I went ahead and picked up 3 boxes. I really went back and forth wondering if it was a good time to try the SSTs they also were onsale for 22.50 per box of 100. I haven't loaded the SSTs before but they do get good reviews. I would prefer to hunt Deer with the same bullet I have been shooting all year. I have only Elk hunted twice and Nosler Partitions were in the chamber on those hunts. Has anyone done a comparison test beween Hornady SSTs to Nosler BTs?

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