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Originally Posted by Karl.Luhr View Post
Per your post-
I shoot one, cold barrel shot each year to check and make sure everything is copacetic and that is it. Hvane't had to adjust anything since I sighted it in some years ago.

Ammo companies would go broke if everyone was this efficent. I know that I am a shooter more than a hunter. I try to shoot atleast a couple of boxes (50 rounds each) of reloads through my rifle each year. I see a lot of hunters that come out to the sight-in days with dogear-ed boxes of factory ammo. They pull out a couple of rounds out of the box and as long as they are hitting the black at 100 yards they pack up and head out. I have been there with a spotting scope and many times they will not change anything even if there group is off in windage an inch or two at 100 yards. I know that the kill zone is large on a Whitetail but I can't understand not correcting the scope to where the bullets are going. Maybe they are worried that adjusting it makes it more likely to be knocked off target if it gets bumped. All I know is that reloading is part of the enjoyment for me, and I would forget how to load ammo if I only did it every 10 years. PS- I know those same frugal hunters probibly have venison in there freezer, I don't.

You are 100% correct. There is a big difference between hunters and shooters. I got enough shooting some years back when I had to. I sight my rifles in to perfection. By that, I mean that sucker will hit where I want it to every time. However, if that sucker shoots where I want it to the first time with a cold barrel, I see no sense in wasting ammo, even if I do get it free. If it doesn't, I will shoot it until it does.

For the past several years, that has not been neccessary. When traveling, upon arriving at camp, I always shoot one time to check things. I don't travel much anymore but for several years, I almost lived on the road during hunting season. Rifles, mzl's andbows were always checked upon arrival and usually, one shot was all that was required.
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