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I found some good deals on some quality Medalist clothing with Silvermax anti-bacterial smell control. I ended up with two camo long-sleeve undershirts, one regular button up camo shirt and one pair of camo pants (not usually worn). I like the stuff a lot and it seems to work fine. All my hunting clothes are washed and hung outside for at least two days before wearing. During good weather I'll hang it outside between hunts and at night or in bad weather I keep it stowed in camo duffle bags that have a good layer of dry leaves in the bottom, imparting a slight woods/dry leaf smell to them. I normally only use scent-control spray under my arms (over the clothes) and in/on my hat.

I wear a Scent-lok head cover most days (also bought on sale). I never wear the same hat in my stand that I walked in wearing, that hat goes into my pack when the clean one comes out. These things have worked well thus far this season with no less than 5 nice bucks within 5 yards of my stand (two 8 pnts have ridden home with me, so far) and more does within 15 yards than I care to try and count.

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