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"I've heard of people having less than pleasing results with the LeverEvolution ammo, and now I can personally say that I have as well. "

I have only used LeveRevolution once. .30/30 160 grain. Marlin 336C.
I had heard raves about the round and just had to try them. Buck came out of the brush about 50 yards away. It was a lot closer to dark than dusk and all I really saw was the silhouette and antlers. Antlers were plenty wide enough to shoot and I got "Buck Fever" as I settled in, putting the first round high over his shoulder. Kind of hurried the second shot, putting it right into the neck. (Not really where I should have put it!) He took two steps and dropped. Exit wound was a little larger than a quarter.

Can you judge a round's performance on just one use? Y'all tell me . . . .

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