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I'll tell ya two things bud,

1. As a wildlife biologist, I can tell you putting corn/bait out doesn't increase your chances of killing a big buck. Big bucks are smart and if you aren't doing everything else right, you will never see them. Also, 60% or more of the corn you put down is eaten by birds, turkeys, rats, mice, raccoons, possums, etc.....

2. If you bait, and people know, you will get busted. No matter what, if you take a chance long enough, you will get busted sooner or later. It is not just a fine either, it is a fine, confiscation of equipment (and animal if you kill one), court costs and can lead to a loss of your hunting priveleges.

Go the salt/mineral lick way. Call the Region I TWRA office and ask about any store bought products before you put them out.
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