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yeah but you can save alot of money and it will last longer if you buy from a farm and home store and farm coop. Get your salt in a 50lb bag and your salt lick from the farm and home store and get your corn from farm coop. Don't be tempted to buy the apple flavored corn or all that other crap that comes in 40lb bags... it's cheaper to buy regular corn by the bushel at your farm coop (MFA). I have tried the deer attractants before like the buck jam you're talking about, and have not had much luck with them. I do recommend getting a mineral lick area started and once they have dug down (started eating the dirt) then put some of that buck jam or deer cane out and that will attract them more frequently. If you just go put buck jam down on the ground or stump it's going to wash away in first rain you get and it's not going to be visited heavily for awhile. Establish a spot where they can come eat first, then worry about the attractants if you want to use those too.

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