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That is tough and I don't blame you for feeling that way. I will say that I'm glad I decided to settle here where I have in northern Tennessee. I hunted Maine quite a few years and even N.H. one year. I had luck 50% of the times I was in Maine. I also once travelled there, hunted two full weeks and never saw a deer.

Here we have a very healthy population (about 1,000,000) and deer sightings are pretty frequent. Our rifle season runs for 6 full weeks and just prior to that we had a two week M/L season. Our bag limit is 3 does a day for the entire season (with proper licenses) and additional does taken cost nothing. We are also allowed 3 bucks per season.

Living so close to the border, I also hunt Kentucky and although our Ky area holds just as many deer in it as our Tennessee areas, the bag limit is one buck & one doe (additional doe tags available for more $$).

All that being said, it's a shame that the N.H. DNR cannot do anything to try and increase populations there. People I've spoken with recently in Maine when I've gone up for bear in September tell me that Maine's population seems to be declining as well. Too many harsh winters lately?

I would also be the first to admit that the "Big Woods" hunting you all have up there is more difficult than the typical farm/woods hunting we have here. The smaller tracts of land with lots of food typically available keep herds healthy and deer numbers high. Big Woods hunting is tough, without a doubt!
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