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Now that all the information is out there... I've lost all respect for Paterno as a human being, he did do the wrong thing. In this case, the wrong thing was NOT making sure this incident was reported to higher authorties (THE LAW). The thing you have to think about is this... if this was YOUR son that was being sexually abused and you knew that Paterno knew this but did VERY little about it, would you still think he's innocent? NO. In fact, I think he's just as guilty as the red-head grad assistant guy. This is more than football... this is ABUSE. This is NOT something to take lightly and NOT something you just "forget" about. The sad thing is, is that this happened SOOO many years ago and now all these young boys are now grownups and probably having alot of trouble in their lives/carreers/families all because of one stupid person who abused them because he had the ability and power to. It makes me sick about what he did. But it makes me even MORE sick to think about 2 grown MEN knowing about this and letting it go like it never happened.

Shame on Paterno, Shame on the grad assistant (who by the way is NOW COACHING at Penn State- wonder how that happened??) and of course Shame on Sandusky.

James 1:2-8
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