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Originally Posted by gfdeputy2 View Post
4 I would never get any work done would be on the PC non stop all we would need then is a remote control bow or rifle that could be shot from your PC

5..... HAHAHAHA so gfd you're basically saying you want a video game for Christmas??? lol!!!

I have often thought of this idea, but at the same time, I think it would take the fun out of hunting. Walking along ridges and drawls and spotting deer, or maybe seeing one running through a field while you're on stand... I've often thought of stopping use of trail cams for this very reason.

In my opinion, within the next 5-10 years, all trail cams are going to become like those ones that send pics to your PC as soon as it's taken. It's all by satelite, but Eventually they will all go to this. This is the next big thing. This could be beneficial because you could be on one stand 500+ yds away and get a buzz on your iphone and see that there is the BIG boy out on the other side of the property. Now, this could be fun, because you still get to stalk him! lol

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