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Most bucks are spikes at some point. The ones that don't go directly from button to branched all go through the spike phase. It is all a matter of when they were fawned. An early fawn may be a spike the first fall he is alive. A late fawn will be a button and then the next year may well be a spike.

A doe running alone makes me stand up and get ready for what may be following her. Does alone draw bucks. Does in herds are usually already bred or nowhere near coming into estrus. The hot does never travel in groups and when in fields are usually some distance from the other girls.

I gut my deer where they fall. In 57 years I have never seen an adverse effect. On several occasions, I have killed deer within a few yards of where the gut pile was. A gut pile here is gone overnight.

If this works, checkout the two pics closely. The first is a doe and two spotted fawns. The second is the same doe and now notice how big the button is compared to his sister. The pics were taken two months apart. They live in my back yard. Also notice in the first pic., there are three bucks, doe and fawns and turkeys all in one wad. Early in the fall they all get along. Bachelor groups and family units will mix to some degree. By Oct. they start to seperate.The pictures came out in reverse order. same doe and fawns in both pics.

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