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Baiting is legal here in Texas. Due to the extended drought (we are still in), the Dept of Game & Wildlife is recommending to hunters to max out their tags this year or there will not be enough natural food remaining for the deer population to survive on.

We've had a lot of fawns born due to the relative wet season and successful rut we had last year. So I intend on following up on the recommendations by trying to take out a couple of the more mature does in the herds that pass through my property. I've already harvested my one buck allowed by the county, but do have two other active shooters (my son and daughter) who have yet to shoot anything yet this year.

I have water and food down range for a variety of reasons - baiting could be one of them, ensuring a successful hunt for seasons to come could be another. Ethical or ecological, I have baited every year I've hunted here and have also put several in the freezer every year as well. I don't hunt for trophy, I hunt to put food on the table. Do I have to hunt to survive? Not with town only 5 miles away with a Super Wally and HEB (grocery store). But hunting is something learned from my grandfather and something I am trying to pass down to my children - before it becomes a "dying" sport.

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