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Tough question man, it depends on what the deer in the area need. They can be much like humans and want differing food.

1. Establishing a salt lick during the summer months can be beneficial to the deer and give them a place to come to all yr long.

2. Winter wheat is a cheap and easy thing to establish. You can basically clear out some land with normal tools and sow out wheat and it will come up. This is the best thing for hunters on a money and time budget.

3. Clover, chicory, and corn are some of the best, highest nutrient (different in each item...protein, fat, etc) foods, but it takes a decent bit of time and money to establish these. Considering you said in another post you are 14 and this is your first year hunting, i believe these to be out of your range.

You could easily put out some attractant feed throughout the spring and summer months and see what is in the area, but the key is to make sure it isn't there when season rolls around.
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