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So after an amazing morning we went back to our stand around 2:30 and settled in. Unfortunately I was reminded of why hunting should often be called "waiting" instead.
We sat there until a little after dark and called it quits. I was still feeling great. I had no problems with not harvesting any deer that evening. I was in fact a little bummed that a third member of our group at another stand not to far from us hadn't gotten one all day.
Needless to say I returned Sunday morning to try again. I was hoping the the gods above weren't thinking me greedy for returning. I made up my mind that I probably wasn't going to take a deer unless the circumstances were in my favor. In hopes that the third member of our party might get one today. I was still feeling really satisfied from the harvest the previous day.
Well 10 minutes after daylight broke I was presented with said opportunity. An 8 point big healthy buck showed his head at the ridge line. He walked right in to a clearing facing down hill and slightly to the right. He was at just over 100 yards. He stopped and froze. I had a clear clean shot lined up. Through a shoulder into a lung and possibly two. It was a strange head down angle though. I took the shot. He jumped straight up, shook his front legs and took two leaps backwards and to the right. He was out of sight. He had gone back up and over the ridge. We left him alone. It felt like three days. It was actually about an hour and a half. We didn't want to rush it or mess up the hunting for the other hunters out there. We both felt it appeared to be a clean shot . He jumped straight up and didn't buck as thought it was a gut shot. We figured worst case it was a chest shot with no exit hole. We finally headed up the long hill to the ridge and found a blood trail. My buddy was convinced it wasn't a vital shot or it didn't exit because the blood trail was faint. After about 2 hours of looking we followed the trail. It had run pretty far. At this point I was starting to feel real bad about my poorly placed shot. I just wanted to find it and finish what I had started. Needless to say we never did find it. It had run on to some private property own by the audobon society and it was a wild life preserve. We had been warned many times not to trespass. Against my better judgement I personally trespassed for about 20 minutes on private property to finish the job and I lost the trail. I feel horrible is so many ways. I wish I could right this wrong somehow but it looks like that's not going to happen.
So in a matter of 48 hours I have felt the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. As a legal and responsible hunter in the state of Maryland I feel horrible about what I've done and vow to always do the best I can and take better shots. I don't know if I missed or got buck fever but whatever the case was I will never get closer.

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