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Maryland opening day.

Well, Saturday was opening day for rifle season here in Maryland. It went flawlessly. We got to our groundstand about an hour before light. This was only my second time out ever. The first time, I didn't even see a deer.
So sitting there in the dark for about an hour, my mind was playing all kinds of tricks on me. I was imagining all kinds of deer standing right out in front of me. Of course as we all know when it becomes light we all get a little disappointed. Whether it was our imaginations or to much coffee we expect there to be at least 15 deer standing in front of us. Well there weren't any. Until about an hour later............
My hunting buddy spotted a large doe on the ridge line about 150 yards up and away. So I got my cross hairs on her and waited until she got a little closer. She turned and headed down hill at the same time. I really got the cross hairs on her and she pasted behind a rather large oak. At this point she was standing at a little under 100 yards. So I anticipated where she would pop out on the other side. Just as I lined up to the spot and settled my gun on a branch waiting. When just then my buddy said hey look there.
I opened up my other eye and saw a button buck straight ahead 20 yards away and still moving closer. So I decided that was a shot I couldnt refuse. So I dropped my rifle lower and reset on the button buck. While moving my rifle he must of seen me move and froze. I lined my cross hairs on the right shoulder as he was facing 1/4 towards me facing my right. I took a breath, and pull the trigger.
It was a fast, clean perfect kill shot. He ran towards me down hill to the right 10 yards and fell. Right in front of me. I could have spit and hit him. He was 5 yards from me. Dead. I did it. My first deer. It was amazing. Exciting. Exhausting. Then my buddy was able to take a very clean broad side shot. The doe ran left in a straight line 70 yards and dropped dead. It was an amazing day. I was then taught how to gut, skin and process the meat.

As of now: '07 Martin Jaguar compound vertical bow. 55* draw weight, 29" draw length. 28" Beman, ICS. Bowhunter 400's 8.4 gpi arrows.
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