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Originally Posted by scribe View Post
I'm new on here but dadgum old to hunting. I guess I am fortunate in that I really can't recall a year when I was totally skunked. I killed my first one in 1954. However, for many years, I was not too particular about what I killed. I had years I did not kill a buck over 130 but I did kill a doe or two.

I no longer hunt horns at all but I can understand someone being skunked if they discriminating in what they shoot. That said, If a hunter is just hunting for a deer and continues to be skunked, I would suggest he closely examine what he is doing.

I'll hush now, forgive an old guy for rambling.
trust me i have examined, and re examined my hunting. read books on it, talked to guys hear about it, learned form everay teachable experiance in the woods that i can. im not claiming to be a hunting guru, but i know what i am doing. i know im scent free. (iv had coyotee under my stand wile hunting and there nose is just as good as a deer) and i know im not amking to much noise or moving too much. (iv had wild turky under my stand, ad there just as good at picking up on movment). i dont over call, but i do use calls some. its just that i live in a place were there are not as many deer as in most parts of the country, and there are alot of "big woods" for them to hide in.
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