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baiting, my opinion and yours

We are not allowed to bait deer in Illinois. and with the onslaught of CWD, we are not even allowed to put out salt or anything else that would entice deer to gather in a specific location. do I agree with the current laws? yes and no. I believe that indiscriminate baiting should continue to be unlawful, but in the same notion, for increased harvesting purposes baiting should be allowed during certain times of the hunting season. this would bring deer to areas they might not otherwise congregate. hunters would have to spend less time in the field to accomplish their harvest goals thereby returning to them time to do other activities that may be more productive in stimulating economic growth. it would accomplish higher harvest numbers and aid in controlling high deer populations where it is problematic, where more nocturnal activity is present or areas where the prevalence of CWD had been determined as epidemic. a successful hunter is more likely to spend more money in pursuit of an activity he feels will return to him and equal exchange for his time and $$$. you could even do baiting on odd or even years. And that's just a few reasons to support baiting as I see it.

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