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Default It's not about firing a shot....

Some of my favorite hunting years I never fired a shot. It isn't a competition for who gets the biggest etc. It is hard where almost everything we do in life is rated against what someone else has done. I really try to keep hunting in prospective. We shoot at the range getting ready because we live in a Country where you can. We hunt because we enjoy getting out in the woods and spending a couple of days away from the TV and computer. I always say it takes atleast the first day to slow down and relax. I love hunting, but there are people much better at it than I am. The beauty is I don't care I am just in it to have fun and spend some quality time with my boys and friends. I know my Son would love to have got a big Buck this year to have outdone his buddy would did get one, but he did have fun anyway. That MADE my hunt this year.

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