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A cool Thanksgiving hunt

Well yesterday me and my bro in law hunted with a brother a piece that have not shot a deer yet. Its fun trying to get newbies on deer. My brother got his first buck. (sorry no pic) It was a messed up rack buck. My bro-in-laws brother had a chance at a buck that ran right beside him and behind him but he was looking forward instead of to the side. I seen the buck running and was silently screaming at him to turn around. What I should have done was scream at him and got his attention. Then the buck probably would have stopped and looked at me thus giving him a shot when he turned around to see what I was yelling about.

Me and my brother both saw 5 different bucks and 1 doe in a matter of probably 30 mins. They were running around us everywhere. I got to see a nice buck mating his doe as well. He was in thick tall weeds of some type. I thought he was working a scrape. I pulled my scope up but could never get it to focus so i took my scope down and looked again and could tell he was actually behind a doe mating. I tried grunting hard and making him mad so he would run down the hill just another 10 yards or so but he never did. He started to for a second and stopped and went the other way. From what I could see I think he would have been an 8 at minimum and probably would have scored around 110 or so at the least.

Anyway it was a fun hunt. I didnt think it was gonna turn out that good at first. We had a perfect morning I thought weather wise but when we got there the fog was so thick we couldnt see 20 yards till after 830. After the fog lifted was when all the action started. I wish I could have went back this morning but after playing card games till midnight my body didnt feel like getting up this morning.
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