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For starts being 14 are you hunting by your self or with someone ? Here in my State a youth needs to be 16 before they can legally hunt alone, so if your doing this by your self that's great but be extreemly carefully and remimber safety first.

Now with that said I would think if you could hunt longer would help you a lot, i would also try losing the rattles and calls, you can practice them all you want at home but in a feed area like your talking about and ( I'm assuming) little calling and rattling experance you will actualy keep them away, wrong sounds and over calling is one of the worse things you can do to your self.

so what I'm getting at is, I'm betting you'll see more deer if you just sit longer and leave those calls at home. ( if they are coming in already why try calling just wait)
And if you have been hunting this spot since Oct 30. Are you gun hunting only or bow hunting too? Hunting from a barn ?

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