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Originally Posted by WestTNHunter22 View Post
Hey guys, I'm 14, this is my first year hunting. I've been hunting this bean field since juvenile weekend (Oct 30). I've went about 8 times and sat for atleast 2-3 hours at a time in the morning and evening.

The only deer I've seen is 2 small bucks (about the size of a dog). If you're looking to harvest your first deer why didn't you just opt for one of those smaller bucks?

I haven't seen them since then. Which that was 3-4 weeks ago. I've heard this spot has some big deer but the people who hunt across the road have food plots and kill anything that walks.

[I]So basicly, they're "stealing" our deer.[/I] I would think they are their deer also, nobody owns the wildlife that roams the earth unles of course they fence in their land and farm breed their own.

There were so many deer at this field, that the top of the bean stalks were gone. So I'm disappointed that they're not using it. I wash my clothes then take them outside to let them air out. I use rattlers but no luck.

A guy that hunts the same field I do said he saw a 6 point but he let it walk. It sounds like you guys have the deer, you're just not happy with the ones you are seeing.

I don't use anykind of feed or attractants. I'm thinking I should get a feeder and hang it from a tree and put corn in it. Also put a trail camera close to the feeder and see what comes up. Any tips would be appeciated!

If you and others hunting around you are holding off for large racked bucks simply because they have larger antlers then I don't see any problem with what you're dealing with
Personally at 14 years old, I don't think you should be so selective on the deer you choose to harvest but that is your right to pick and choose but if you decide to harvest deer that way you shouldn't get "Discouraged" at all because you are seeing some deer. That's just my opinion....

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