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Originally Posted by semohunter View Post
The weather this season for gun hunting in MO has been pretty bad. We have had wind, wind , and more wind along with warm temps and also alot of rain. Having to work , I done most of my hunting on the weekend and the weather just did not cooperate. I did not fill gun tag as of yet. Going today after work. We are getting off work at 1:00 so I am going!! If don't tag today, still have bow and muzzleload. How has everyone else's season going?? Tator, have you killed one yet??
I agree with semo... it's just been a non-typical-hunting year. The weather was crazy and kept you on your toes. I had many locations to set up in that were in favor of a north, northwest wind, and I don't think we had a north wind until this past Sunday evening! High winds, temps in the upper 60's and not too much rain. The first weekend was killer because the moon was SO bright at night. The bucks and does did their chasing and "action" at night just as well as in the day. It's just not been a typical rifle season.
Semo- yes I did get 3 deer. I got two button bucks (which I'm not really happy about but it's food on the table) and I got a nice mature doe. Not a bad year so far. I'm going to go out a bit more during doe season and I'll probably bow hunt a little more too. FYI... did you know if you didn't fill your buck tag during bow season (before rifle) that you can now kill two bucks during the late portion of the bow season???? I didn't know that till last year. Just thought I'd let you know

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