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Originally Posted by Chancegrayl View Post
1. once a spike always a spike, i shot a spike this year because the body was great size to me field dressed at 130, and my friend said it was a good call that the deer didnt have the genes to grow any bigger, is the once a spike always a spike true??
NO. Many people believe that when a buck grows only spikes, that buck has bad genetics. I do not believe that what-so-ever. In fact, I have trail cam pics of bucks that are spikes and the next year that spike branches out into more points. Now, I DO believe that if a buck is a spike he's not going to be as "pretty" when he gets older, but he'll still produce a rack.

Originally Posted by Chancegrayl View Post
2. ive been told that if you see a doe running alone that dont bother with it, its a button buck, however i found out that they will run in herds to, i shot a button buck this year that was running with a group of fawns, i think they got mixed up and bonded to gether as the farmer was cutting his corn, but will a doe run by herself or all deer running around by themselfs a button buck??
Deer are not predictable at all. Yes you'll see buttons by themselves, but you'll also see them in herds too. I shot a button this year b/c he was with his twin brother and I thought it was two does. Does can be found by themselves or with others. If it's during the rut, you'll typically see does by themselves more than with other does. But like I said, they aren't predictable and they'll fool even the most experienced hunter.

Originally Posted by Chancegrayl View Post
3. I shot my spike and gutted it right there, ive been told thats bad practice because the deer will avoid the gut pile? i figure this can go either way because they could think that hey a preditor got a deer and sucks to be him, or it could spook them becuase they know a preditor is in the area? so is gutting a deer where you hunt a bad idea?
I don't do it because I typically leave my knives at home. I have a spot at home where I can gut them really easily and fast. I have seen hunting shows and videos where when a hunter guts the deer on site, they place a trail cam over the gut pile and deer actually come to it. Remember deer are VERY VERY VERY VERY curious animals.. BUT they trust their first instincts every time!


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