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I know birds of prey are under federal protection, but as a wildlife biologist I believe they need to be controlled through some sort of hunting/shooting (be it if only by federal/state officials). If every other species of predators need managing, they why don't birds of prey?

I have argued with several state and federal officials about it. There is more money than you can imagine being poured into quail re-establishment, and they keep saying habitat, habitat, habitat. Yet after all the acres re-planted in NWSGs there has been little to NO overall gain in quail population (granted CRP and other programs recommended WAY to high rates of planting). I believe that if you look at many of the birds of prey populations they are/were at too high of a level and that is one of the main reasons the quail have suffered in several areas. The honest, down to the point answer that I normally get for talking about birds of prey management, is that the birding community and general public would be up in arms if it was ever suggested. Therefore the it is never brought even though it might help biologically, because people FEEL bad about it, it will probably never happen.

Just my $0.02....I am actually hoping to get a grad position dealing with predator management, ecology, or behavior so maybe I will have some data readily at hand before too long
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