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Gun Jammed - Lost Deer

I just returned from a hunt in Western NY. I had a 150# 6 pointer come in back of my stand chasing 4 does. I shot him but hit too far forward as he was quartering away. I believe I hit the front left scapula too far forward and it bounced out of the brisket area. I should have aimed further back to hit the vitals.He hobbled under my stand and then stood in front of my stand for 5 minutes. I could not get a 2nd shot because my .35 Remington Marlin 336 lever action jammed. This was a first. I tracked the deer (no blood) and put it up once about 200 yards down the hill. Got dark and had to leave. I went back the next day to track but never found it. I can only hope that the deer was harvested. I had many opportunities to take does but passed. Anyone that has lost a deer due to a rushed shot or mechanical failure know's how I am feeling...terrible.
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