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I happen to own all three. I have 5 Ruger M77s, one Rem 750 (.35 Whelen) and one M700/.270. The numbers should already tell you which of the three is my favorite. Rugers are sturdy, well made rifles and one of my favorite features is their integral rings, which do not need a base. This is the best system out there for easily securing a scope and it also saves $$ by not forcing you to spend ~ $50. on quality rings and bases. This additional $$ can then be used to perhaps upgrade your scope choice a bit.

The 30/06 is a great all-around cartridge (one of my M77s is an '06). I would suggest, however, that you perhaps also handle a M77 in .308 to compare it's feel with the '06 in your hands. The differences are slight (slightly shorter OAL & lighter weight), but you might find the S/A .308 vs the L/A 30/06 feels slightly better in hand to you and the cartridges are very close ballistically.

Good luck with whichever rifle you choose!
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