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the Bucks already know who's who in the woods long before scrapes begin. Through bachelor groups the bucks spar together and learn quickly who they can and cannot mess with..
I don't think urine in scrapes makes a whole heck of a difference between bucks, I do think the urine is deposited in scrapes more for the Doe's to examine and monitor.
I guess you have to think of it like a mens Cologne, some girls like specific colognes while others dont like that particular cologne, but i bet if enough does smell the cologne one of them is always going to like it.
I've seen small buck scrapes and i've seen trophy buck scrapes but it isnt the Buck that decides who gets the Doe's anyway, The Doe's are the ones that choose which buck is going to breed them and they even choose where it's going to take place, keep in mind the bucks genetics are what the doe's are after, they have the ability to determine which Buck is good enough for her offspring even if that means a young 1 & 1/2 year old buck carrying great genetics.
I think All bucks breed during the rut but I also think what takes place over time is the older wiser Good Gene Bucks are most likely what the mature Doe's are seeking and I'm glad it happens that way because even those Doe's know the old bucks have the ability to Get R done while the young bucks are still trying to figure just what it is they are doing.
I hope my scratchings were clear enough to understand the point I was trying to make.

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