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Originally Posted by LIVE2HUNTDEER View Post
I really like mine as well. Well worth the money in my book. Is it just me, or do the moderators think everyone talking about a product here is spamming?? Only forum I have seen that is this way. I was accused of it as well!!! The heater body suit is really warm, has wide shoulders and straps on the inside to keep it pulled up when you slip your shoulders out of it for a shot at a animal.
We often talk about products here at the DHC and more often than not the conversations are never spam.
Spam is when someone comes to the site, boasts about a specific product AND then links that product to the products website, All that info in their first post and then they leave the site.
YUP that's spam as far as I'm concerned. I looked at the product and it is quite pricey and id bet it wont be very durable or very long lasting.
I can think of many other ways to waste my money but it surely wont be on this gimmicky type stuff. jmho

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