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I have killed a lot of big bucks mid day. Deer don't always move at the same time of day, sometimes morning is best, sometimes evening is best and some times mid day is best. Like HM said when the rut is on all day is best. So what time I hunt depends on the deer.

Example: I kept seeing deer in the feilds at 1 and 2:00 when I was going home so the next morning I waited until 10 to go in and planned to hunt until 2:00. At 11:30 a group of does came in and I took a big doe.

Other hunts this year I killed a spike at 11:00 and a seven point at 5:00. Admittedly the shot I had at big boy was at first shooting light so I am not saying it's not good to get in early. My point is, don't be so set in the start stop times of your hunt that you don't look at the other opportunities.

About the dogs: don't let them bother you if they just pass through, the deer may spook at the moment but they will settle back down once they are gone.

If your to busy to go hunting, your just to busy.
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