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Look at bolt actions for a new shooter/hunter

The most trouble free/idiot proof action that is really easy to master is the bolt action. A single shot is also tf/ip but it is limiting because a follow up shot is slow and the rifle is totally unloaded if the chamber is empty. I like to go into the woods with the rifle loaded but with a chamber empty. I have taught my Sons the same safety rules. After we get into position and closer to shooting time we quietly chamber a round. The bolt actions are so popular every manufacturer makes them and the choices are endless. There are new bolt actions available for around 300.xx that have good actions/barrels/triggers. Mounting a scope is easy on a bolt actions and you have an easy to operate safety. A semi-auto in my opinion should not be considered for a new shooter/hunter. They have some real advantages but several disadvantages cancel out the plusses for a new shooter/hunter. A lot of hunters swear buy their lever actions but again I think the bolt actions are easier to master at the range while learning to shoot. The better you get at the range the safer and more confident you will be in the woods. There is no subsitute for range time.

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