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Drive-by deer hunting

One of my buddies and I took off work to go deer hunting last week on my grandma's property. My grandma and her sister own roughly 1,000 acres in a rural county in KY.

After hunting all day on one part of the property we decided try another peice of the property where we saw the deer running into the field the prior night.

When we came upon the property we found a neighbor parked on the property. He told us he was teaching his grandson how to hunt. He said that his grandosn had shot the deer in the truck on the road with a 22. He was a "great shot."

I really become sick when I saw the deer was a button buck and was shot in the neck.

I found out later that the neighbor does not have permission to be on any of the property.

I found this wrong on so many levels:
1. shooting a deer with such a small caliber gun
2. shooting a deer off of a public road
3. shooting a deer on private property
4. teaching an innocent child all of the above

Is this comon practice for hunters? This is my first year deer hunting and it has really left a bad taste in my mouth for this sport.

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