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well the other night driving home from work the other night i saw a monster buck off the side of the road not far from home. the woods in that area are fairly small, and if that buck is in the area i could probably find him in a few hrs. was thinking about still hunting him mid day, sence i can only sit in a stand a few hrs at a time. then i thought it that sence i dont make a habbit of hunting this area, and if my son dose not do well keeping quiet as we hunt it would not rune one of my honey holes. what im thinking is takeing him along with me, and have him carry an unloaded gun. i think this would be a great way to have him "hunt with dad". pluss it will alow him to practice his hunter safty in a less controled environment than a shooting range, and alow me to evaluate how well he dose. what do you guys think of this? also his .22 does not have swivle studs so i could not put a sling on it, was thinking of having him carry my old 20ga. so he could have a sling, but it is al little heavier ( and i do mean just a little bit). what do you guys think of the 2 gun choises?
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