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Originally Posted by blair712 View Post
Hello the Michigan firearm season starts in less than 12 hours now, and I'm trying to get opinions on where to sit in the morning. I have two stands that are going to see deer, what what kind of deer (bucks/does) is yet to be seen. One stand over looks a tall grass field and has 5-7 scrapes around the edges and several runs along the way as well. The other stand sits back in the woods over looking a swamp with a bunch of thick brush, but yet again multiple scrapes and rubs in the area. I know the deer will be a bit hesitant once the shooting starts but they usually aren't too bad until the shooting from our property starts. Thanks for any input in advance
Well, I'm a little late with advice(?), but I think I would have chosen the stand with the best view (fields) for opening morning, then reverted back to the woods, maybe day #2, if there had been a lot of commotion around. I hope you were successful with whichever stand you selected!

For the afternoon hunt, I'd definitely go with the stand in the woods.

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