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The Rem 700 ADL in other calibers

If they have it in 243 Win they also probibly have it in 7mm-08 or 308 Win. In my opinion both of these are much better choices for you. The 7mm-08 will recoil less then the 308 Win and is perfect for Deer. The 308 Win is more commonly seen and ammo availability is better than with the 7mm-08. If you want something that shoots great and you will promise not to forget your ammo get the 7mm-08 you won't be sorry. If you are thinking about someday putting Elk in the crosshairs go with the 308 Win. The ADL doesn't have a dropping floorplate. It isn't a big deal and I prefer the 700 ADL over the 700 SPS that does have a dropping floorplate. Run don't walk away from the Remington 710/770 series they are not in the same class as the Remington 700 series rifles.

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