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Wasn't going to go out this morning but woke up at 4:45am and decided to get up and try it again. It was 61 degrees at 5am this morning here in North Central MO. CRAZY! Plus it was windy as heck. I didn't mention this before, but the moon has been full and BRIGHT the past 4 nights. When I saw bright, I mean a blind man could find his way through a 40 acre forest with ease.
Wind was gusting upto 40mph this morning as well, absolutely the wrong conditions in every sense. Winds strong out of the west/southwest.

ON another note, I did see what I thought was 2 does this morning. Shot the bigger of the two and yep, you guessed it, it was a button buck AGAIN. Sick to my stomach. I absolutely can't believe this. Killed two button bucks in same year. I think I'm done shooting at deer that I believe to be does. Disapointing, but at least there is meat on the table. I donated one deer to the share the harvest program, this one I'm getting processed into sausage, sliced for jerky and burger.
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