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There's alot of truth to what you are saying. One point i would stay away from is putting any type of scent directly on you or around your stand. The simple reason is while very remote, the buck urine could cause an irate buck to charge you and second your scent will travel directly with the scent and allow any animal downwind to detect the human scent and hit the skids and escape. Rifle hunters might not encounter major problems due to distances but archers would have bad experiences hunting from the ground. Here's an perfect example: last Friday night in PA all our stands were packed so I hunted from the ground for the last night of hunting. At 5pm I saw a nice buck coming on the run right to my scent estrus wicks 80 yds out. The only problem was the wind shifted causing me to be between the wicks and him. At 45 yds out he came to a stop and whirled around and left. This is the first time in many years of getting busted and it was because of ground hunting, wind, scent location. Anyone who questions the effectiveness of estrus scents, that buck came running in and the 7pt that was killed came right into the scent trap. It works when used right!
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