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a few thoughs

iv thought about this alot over the last several years and have come to the opinion (and you guys can correct me if im wrong in my thought) that there is a product that is missing on the deer hunters product line. that product is young buck urine. i first stared thinking about this wile hunting on my uncles property a few towns over from me. the rut had not yet kicked in so using doe estrus was out of the question. given that this was the time of the year were bucks were still deturmaning the hir achry i desided to use buck urine. only product out was the tipical " domanat buck urine". so thats what i used. i was sitting in my stand overlooking a small clearing along and old logging trail on his land were several diferent deer trails met up in this clearing. i sprayed this domanant buck urine on the ground in the center of the clearing, and some on the base of the tree my stand was in. about a 1/2 hr before sun set a somewhat small buck started to enter the clearing. not 3 steps into the clearing for no aparent reason he turned around and took off just as fast as he could get out of there. the more i thought about it the more i felt that it was the buck urine i had used. he probably did not want any part of that "domanant buck". i have never again sence that day used domanant buck urine. any way the longer i have hunted the more i have learned about hunting though bolth tiral and error, talking to you guys, and reading liditure about hunting. i have learnd that a buck that makes a scrape is sending the message. "i am the boss around hear, these are my does." and that another buck smalling the urine can tell with a far amount of acuracy the age, size, and health of the buck who made/urienated on the scrap, and what time aproxamatly he left it. and that if he (the second buck) urinates on that scrape he is saying "oh ya we will see about that." also leaving that same info for the buck who made the scrape, so that he knows the age, size, and general health of the buck who urinated on his scrape, and whan he will be back. ok were am i going with all this about scrapes? to put it in human turms. (leaving out human weppons, fighting skills and what not) . say we were not more civilized than deer and domanace was how we desided who got to mate with who. and that i conciter myself the domanate male around hear. so i write a message on a wall of a local bar, leaving my info there. it would look somthing like this. im 29 years old, 5'11", 215lbs. my build could be described as nether muscular or fat. i am somewere in between thoughs two. ill be back hear at 6:30 tomorrow. say the next day i get a responce from a chalager. it the info of the chalager is . Im 19 years old, 5'4", 140lbs, and kinda chubby, ill see you tomorrow at 6:30. (this being the product that is not on the market for us deer hunters). you can bet id be there at 6:30 the following day to put that punk in his place, and make him move on to a diferent bar. now say that challagers message looked like this. im 31 years old, 6'6", 320lbs, and solid muscle, and ill be back tomorrow at 6:30. (this being the domanant buck urine currently the only buck urine on the market) what do you think the chances are ill be waiting around at 6:30 tha next day for him to show up? heck no. ill be at the bar were i sent the last guy. wouldent it be nice if we could refreshan scrapes with chalanger 1 info and not chalager 2 info?
just some randome thoughs i have had over the years, though i would put pen to paper on this and see what you guys thoughs were.

thoughs? ideas? what do you guys think?
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